What is REIDAO?

What is REIDAO?

REIDAO is creating tokens (digital assets) backed by real estate with its unique Token ID (think stock-ticker) for every property that is listed on the platform. Every Token ID will have its own cap of tokens available/created, its own valuation - based on the property that is backing it, and its own track record (of price movements, rental income/dividend, and so on).

We want to democratise property opportunities, to be accessible by everyone, wherever they are. By buying and selling these tokens, you are - in a way - buying and selling fractions of the underlying property. We have created a structure including Public Trust Company to create the link between the tokens and the actual properties.

Our vision is to have a Property Tokens Exchange Board, just like a stock exchange, where it will list all the available property tokens globally that has been tokenised.


By putting real estate ownerships on the blockchain, we open up a new way to invest in real estate markets.


Based on the DAO model, real estate can be put up for sale in the form of DAO tokens, where token owners will vote on strategic issues regarding the real estate.


Instead of putting one big amount of capital to a single real estate, now you can divide them up and invest in smaller pieces of many real estates.

Liquid Market

Each ownership token can be independently traded, which creates a lower point of entry to own a piece of a real estate, compared to the traditional way.


Your asset ownership tokens can be transferred, inherited, or used as collaterals. It is basically a store of value that is backed by real world's real estate.


Gain access to real estate market globally.


Actual ownership of the real estate is held by registered trust companies in which jurisdiction the real estate is in, making sure that it is managed to benefit the DAO.

The Team

Various individuals. Various industry backgrounds. Same passion.
NEO Kok Beng
NEO Kok Beng
Founder, Chairman. Adjunct Associate Professor, National University of Singapore.
Darvin Kurniawan
Darvin Kurniawan
Founder, CEO
David Chandra
David Chandra
Founder, COO
Hendrik Tanjaya
Hendrik Tanjaya
Founder, CTO
TAN Wee Liang, Prof.
TAN Wee Liang, Prof.
Advisor (Legal). Associate Professor, Singapore Management University.

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